Playing responsibly is all about knowing your limits and playing within your means.

Our games are intended to be a fun, low-cost form of entertainment. Plus, you get the added benefit of helping fund Florida education. We know that most of our players enjoy playing our games for the fun and excitement of it, but for others, gaming of any kind can create a problem. We aim to help those players, too.

Tuesday Results

16 Jul 2024
1st 489116
2nd 702915
3rd 041330
09 Jul 2024
1st 784502
2nd 911834
3rd 649850
02 Jul 2024
1st 356488
2nd 988245
3rd 569610
25 Jun 2024
1st 965967
2nd 548975
3rd 135708
18 Jun 2024
1st 579183
2nd 492017
3rd 034967
11 Jun 2024
1st 639088
2nd 726981
3rd 450796
04 Jun 2024
1st 122649
2nd 988970
3rd 473687
28 May 2024
1st 691550
2nd 517613
3rd 724026
21 May 2024
1st 122883
2nd 685230
3rd 784631
14 May 2024
1st 361046
2nd 016010
3rd 539282

Please Play Responsiblty

Since its inception, the Kansas Lottery has encouraged its players to play responsibly. We don't want any player to spend more than he or she can easily afford to lose. The Lottery's "Play Responsibly" messages are located on a variety of materials, with the goal being to provide each player with immediate, easy access to problem gambling assistance. For many years, the Kansas Lottery has contributed $80,000 a year to the Problem Gambling Grant Fund. Primarily, this money has paid for the Kansas Problem Gambling HelpLine. With the Kansas Expanded Lottery Act, an additional two percent of net revenue from state-owned and -operated casino gaming goes to the Problem Gambling and Addictions Grant Fund, which may be used to treat not only problem gambling, but alcoholism, drug abuse and other addictive behaviors.